Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Beach Scenes

Newport Beach OR

Haystack Rock

Fun with Effects

Haystack Rock is located on the Oregon Coast about 1.5 miles south of downtown Cannon Beach and about 80 miles west of Portland OR.  It was the first stop on our Oregon Coast road trip.  After our adventures in Portland Erica and I made the 80 mile trip to Cannon Beach and arrived at Haystack Rock in the early afternoon.

About Haystack Rock (thank you wikipedia):
Haystack Rock is a 235-foot sea-stack in Cannon Beach, OR. It is the third-tallest such "intertidal" (meaning it can be reached by land) structure in the world. A popular tourist destination, the monolithic rock is adjacent to the beach and accessible by foot at low tide. The Haystack Rock tide pools are home to many intertidal animals, including starfish, sea anemone, crabs, chitons, limpets, and sea slugs. 

Monday, August 29, 2011

Sweet Summertime

The following images were captured on July 4th weekend.
Don't they just scream summer??!! 

 What does summer mean to you?  Reading a good book, wrapped in a blanket curled up on a chair?  The smell of fresh cut grass, eating watermelon, catching fireflies, sipping lemonade, soaking up the sunshine, ice cream, bathing suits, willow trees, or blue skies...?   

Friday, August 19, 2011

My Final Project of Summer Intensive 2011

Skipping the b.s. for right now, here's a quick and dirty post of my final project at RMSP SI 2011.  The following project was the brain child of myself and my good friend, the very talented Erica Prairie.  Watch it full size and enjoy!

Dear John from Erica Prairie on Vimeo.

Artist’s Statement
by: Karah Sambuco and Erica Prairie

The story of John and Sarah is a story of love and loss and the power it has in our lives. It came to us - almost as if it were being whispered to us by someone else. What started out as merely a personal project, took on a life of it’s own and we were compelled to share this story beyond ourselves. 

This is John and Sarah’s story, as captured through our lenses. It would be impossible for either of us to own it; perhaps it does not belong to us at all. We are simply the story’s messengers. 

As we watched the story of John and Sarah unfold in front of us, we realized that we had come to a point when we could no longer decipher where one of our ideas began and the other’s ended. The story developed first, then the characters revealed themselves, and finally we discovered the song. We knew we had accomplished true collaboration. And we knew we had captured a beautiful story that we’re excited to share with those who happen upon it.

Sunday, August 7, 2011


So one day we're in studio critique and the following photo of me taken by my classmate, Linda comes up on the screen.  Our instructor laughs and asks the class to shout out words that come to mind when they see the photo.  People mumble and laugh and then David busts out: "ecstasy."   The room roars with laughter and he shrugs his shoulders and says: "well you asked what I thought!" We all got a good laugh and then we moved on to the next persons photo.  The photo that popped up next is below.  You can only imagine the reaction from the class when it popped up on the screen!!! Talk about laughter!  
A total coincidence, of course, neither photographer knew what the other was photographing and the order in which they appeared for critique was completely random.   
Which only served to make it that much funnier!!!

Photo by Linda Howell

Photo by Moira Lennox