Sunday, August 7, 2011


So one day we're in studio critique and the following photo of me taken by my classmate, Linda comes up on the screen.  Our instructor laughs and asks the class to shout out words that come to mind when they see the photo.  People mumble and laugh and then David busts out: "ecstasy."   The room roars with laughter and he shrugs his shoulders and says: "well you asked what I thought!" We all got a good laugh and then we moved on to the next persons photo.  The photo that popped up next is below.  You can only imagine the reaction from the class when it popped up on the screen!!! Talk about laughter!  
A total coincidence, of course, neither photographer knew what the other was photographing and the order in which they appeared for critique was completely random.   
Which only served to make it that much funnier!!!

Photo by Linda Howell

Photo by Moira Lennox

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