Saturday, August 18, 2012

West Virginia Country Reception

I absolutely couldn't wait to share these images of the barn reception we decorated last night.  

For Jess and Mikey's Wedding Festivities we went from Jamaica to our West Virginia country roots!  Check out these photo's of their reception in the country.  

We spent 7 hours on Friday evening (last night) decorating for the party on Saturday (today) and we couldn't be more proud of ourselves!  

Some of us may never tie a bow again and others may want to die before they see another string of lights BUT in the end I think it was all worth it!  

Can't wait to see everyone at the party tonight!  Love you guys xoxoxoxox!

A special thanks to the boys for catching fireflies for us so that we could put them in mason jars and hang them on the perimeter of the deck!  They really helped polish off the look! (wink* wink*)


  1. Looks amazing! Soooo much creativity and hard work! It all paid off, because it looks awesome! I bet it get pinned on pinterest a lot ;)

  2. Absolutely beautiful! Where is this barn at?

  3. Thank you Nicole! This barn is located on Middle Grave Creek, 4th Street in Moundsville WV.

  4. Does anyone know a contact number to reserve this place