Monday, January 28, 2013

The Modern Bride: First Look Sessions

I am often asked by the bride and groom if they should see each other before the wedding ceremony or not. While I am not a wedding planner, I know from capturing weddings that seeing each other before the wedding ceremony is one of the best things that couples are increasingly doing. Many wedding traditions are traditions because couples don’t know any other option. Here are 6 great reasons:

#1 Capture your emotion!

When you see each other before the wedding ceremony, you can arrange a private and picturesque setting. You can walk up to him and tap him on the back to reveal your wedding day beauty. Unlike a church setting, you aren’t 100 feet apart at first glimpse, where you are not able to say what you are thinking and enjoy the moment together. When you see each other before the ceremony, you get to experience the happiness together. We would be more than happy to photograph your "first look"  but we're confident you won't need a photograph to remember how that feels.  Keep in mind, that this "first look" will be the only time throughout your entire wedding day that you will be alone with your groom, it will be the most intimate part of your day. Having this time to be together can help diminish the stresses of the day. You can focus on what’s really important, as opposed to the many details that must fall into place. As a result, your love for one another takes center stage. 

#2 Better portraits!

You have more time to relax and enjoy the portrait session. The rush to get everything done in 10 minutes isn’t there, like it is if you do all of the portraits in between the ceremony and the reception. You feel more relaxed and you LOOK more relaxed. The time is there to get more creative and to use different locations you may not have had time for otherwise. Not only that, your dress, your shoes, your makeup, your flowers, and your hair are at it’s best! You have found the photographer that you love, get the most from them!

#3 For your walk down the aisle!

You will be more relaxed. You two have seen each other, BUT you’re guests don’t have to know that! So your walk down the aisle is still dramatic AND you can actually enjoy it and not worry about every last detail.

#4 For your bridal party!

After you have seen each other, the bridal party can do just that.. party! Especially if you opt to take the bridal party portraits before the ceremony too. You will get better pictures with them and usually more pictures! When the ceremony is over, the bridal party does not have to worry about being in a certain place at a certain time. Everyone, yourselves included, can relax, mingle with the guests, party, and enjoy the rest of the day.

#5 For your guests!

Although they may not know that you have seen each other, they will benefit. Because all of the portraits are done, the only thing left to do is get with your bridal party and celebrate on the way to your reception. Therefore, you do not have to leave such a timely gap between the ceremony and the reception where your guests have to linger and/or find things to do before the reception begins.

#6 For yourselves!

I have never spoken with a bride and groom who weren’t so happy that they chose to see each other before the wedding ceremony. You are able to plan the whole wedding day in a manner that is better for you, your guests, and your peace of mind.

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