Sunday, July 14, 2013

Katie + Dan = Engaged

Katie & Dan have the cutest little mannerisms and being around them for no more than an hour I quickly picked up on them. I would notice the way he'd put his arm around her or the way she'd reach for his hand and then I'd tell them "stop right there, don't move" or "do that again." They were total naturals in front of the camera and as a result their love took center stage for this long awaited engagement shoot.  Although Katie is from Shadyside OH her and Dan are both in school and living away so getting our schedules to line up was a challenge, not to mention the fact that at the time of this photo shoot I was 37 weeks pregnant, take into account mother nature, who rained us out on attempt #1, this photo shoot almost didn't happen.  Thankfully on day 2 of our reschedule we were given a pretty sweet day for an engagement shoot and the rain even gave us a few cool puddles to add to our creativity.  I had a wonderful time shooting Katie and Dan and am looking forward to their 2014 Wedding!

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