Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Jess + Mike

On a beautiful April afternoon I met my two good friends, Jess and Mike, at their house in Pittsburgh, PA. First, we loaded up and made the hour jaunt to McConnell's Mills in Butler, PA.  When we arrived we hiked out to a secluded area by the creek.  Jess and Mike braved the freezing cold creek, dancing and playing around. I even stepped in so that I could get the best possible shots.  

When we first got to McConnell's Mills, Mike was less than enthused about having his photo taken.  He was even joking about how throwing himself in the water would get him out of the photo shoot.  However, we didn't actually think he'd do it... Thankfully, we were just about ready to pack up when Mike decided to take a swim.  Jess and I were waiting for him to rinse off his feet when we heard a loud crack, followed by a splash, and then a loud gasp.  Poor Mike, knocked the wind right out of him!  Of course, after we made sure he was ok, the next sound that filled the hollow was our laughter.

Like the good sport that he is, Mike pressed on.  He changed out of his soaking wet clothes and we headed back to the city.  On our way we passed a gently rolling field of green.  We pulled off the side of the highway and got a few shots in before we were run off by the farmer who apparently owned the picturesque land.  On foot we were faster than his tractor.  We made it back to the car and were long gone before he was even close.

We made it back to the city just before sun down and waited for civil twilight before we headed up to the city's overlook at Mt. Washington.  It was definitely worth the wait!  Thank you Jess + Mike for spending the whole day with me and for dinner and drinks afterwards!  I had a great time!

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