Sunday, June 5, 2011

Last Hurrah

5th Annual Wood Hill 
Memorial Day Celebration!

Times sure have changed!  The Annual Wood Hill Memorial Day Party 
has the makings of an outdoor daycare center these days! Leah and I 
couldn't seem to get Kole to smile for a picture, perhaps he was too busy checking 
out the other little ones behind us!

The Weekley's and their petite little Chloe.  
At 5 months this little gal only weighs in at a very lovable 11 lbs.

Ashley and her cool little man Cason were all about the fruit!

While the big kids, Jodi and I, were all about the beer!

Leslie came in from KY just to see me off.  Seeing her for 6 days in two weeks left me spoiled and wanting more!  It's a good thing she's making the trip to MT to visit during these 5 months away!

I'm going to miss this gal more than I can even stand to think about!  
Steph you need to learn how to Skype!

I got to surprise Mommy and Elana with a blog book that I created from Jami's blog.  
I can't wait to create another one for little Bria's first year!

I'm so happy that my big shot cousin who just got a sweet promotion and moved to 
Columbus was able to come in with his family to see me off!

The Derrow Clan had a blast watching their little ones enjoying the beautiful day!

Elana and Brayden took turns pushing each other down the sidewalk on their Elmo plane!

When night fell the party turned into more of an adult day care...

...under the supervision of the older kids, who got a kick out of us and proved to be 
very useful when we needed another beer from the cooler!  Thanks boys!!!


  1. You are getting pretty good at this blogging thing too !!!
    Keep it up.
    Love you,
    Aunt Dawna

  2. Thanks!!! :) I'm working on the road trip blog now, stay tuned!

  3. I already can't wait til next year's memorial day party!