Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Week 1


Day 1, Kendall and I drive to the Holiday Inn.  Once inside, I immediately feel overwhelmed.  There in front of me stretched a line of nearly 100 people ranging from 18 to 68 all buzzing amongst themselves.  How was I going to talk to people, who would I make friends with...? We entered the conference room, found a seat, and I struck up a conversation with the girl beside me.  This was the first time I felt a sense of RELIEF!  She was nice and just as nervous as I was!  For the rest of the day we listened to the staff and instructors introduce themselves and found out a little more about the program.  We were divided into 4 groups, within our groups we toured the campus, talked about alternative transportation, and had a group get to know you session.  By the end of day one I had met some really fascinating people and couldn't wait for the learning to begin!!!

Bear Lecture

After orientation I attended the optional 'bear lecture' from 7pm to 9pm.  It was very informative and I learned that there are two separate responses that should be used if I encounter a bear (they estimated that 4 out of 5 people will see a bear while they are here).
2 responses: 
1. If you are dealing with a defensive bear you should be quiet and back away and give the bear its space.  
2. If however, you are dealing with a predatory bear (very rare) you need to try to make yourself "bigger" than the bear, stand your ground, hope to scare him away, therefore letting him know you aren't scared!  (yeah i somehow don't see that working out well for the human...just sayin')
I also learned that bear mace is a real item and should always be carried on your hip while you are hiking!  Let's hope that if I see a bear it's at least a mile away therefore only visible with my telephoto lens or binoculars!


For me, the first week was a welcome review of skills that I acquired while in Virginia Beach during the Basic Photography workshop.  It was nice to be able to focus on making friends and shooting with other people, rather than having to spend time studying new material.  Next week I'm sure it will be a different story, I anticipate having less time to form relationships because of the amount of new concepts we'll be covering.  I'm glad I formed some pretty close bonds relatively quickly.  It was a lot easier to make friends than I had expected, but I guess that's because everyone here is in the same boat, therefore we all need each other.

My First Assignment
Shutter Speed 

Notice how the water changes from left to right, from crisp to soft!  
Pretty cool huh?! Which one do you like the best? 

I shot this first assignment with 2 of my new friends, Leah Manzari and Linda Howell.  
Before the shoot we hit up R.E.I (I had never heard of R.E.I before but it's an outdoor store)  
I purchased some essential rain gear, hiking boots, and of course bear mace!!!  
FYI: bear mace is super expensive -- $55.00 for a one time use can!

My first shoot with friends

Leah Manzari

When the sun goes down

Carousel Missoula 

Skater Boy

You live you learn
Missoula/RMSP 411

Everyone here bikes or walks -- invest in a comfy pair of tenner's even though you hate wearing them and would much rather put on your boots or a pair of cute heels, your feet will thank you for it

It rains [a lot] -- always carry an umbrella and rain coat, just because it was beautiful when you left the house doesn't mean it will be beautiful when you head back home.  If you do forget your umbrella, walk 5th street, it's sidewalks have pretty good tree cover

Forget about being tan -- when it rains everyday and the temperature is like 60 degrees you can't soak up any vitamin D, and forget about laying in a tanning bed, there's no time for that

Minimize your stuff -- it's no fun to lug a bunch of crap with you on your 15 min walk to school and besides it'll kill your back

Dress for comfort -- even though it's doesn't make you feel very pretty, who you tryin' to impress anyhow, your self image will be the only thing to suffer

Familiarize yourself with the area -- you may find a grocery store in your backyard, true story

Leave early for class -- especially important if you are notorious for being late

Carry snacks and water -- chances are you'll need both during the 2 a day 4 hour lectures

Sit next to new people in class -- it's a great way to make new friends

Have fun & learn lots -- that is, after all, why you are here

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