Thursday, June 16, 2011

Unicorns, Leprechauns, and Fields full of 4 Leaf Clovers

On Saturday June 11 after a 3am wake-up call and an hour trek out to Lee Metcaf  
(which only produced a failed attempt to capture sunrise) my traveling companions and I decided to shoot something else. [Hence, the train series below.]  We got so caught up in shooting that we didn't realize class time was approaching quickly.  We packed up and 
knew we couldn't stop to shoot anything else along the way, no matter how bad we wanted to!  What a shame!   We would have loved to photograph the unicorn next to the leprechaun standing in the middle of the field filled with four-leaf clovers, but we refrained.  
Making it to class on time was clearly the priority.

Distant Train

Landscape...not my forte

Thanks to Erica, Kari, and Kathy for getting up so early and still being in such good moods!  Can't wait to shoot again soon!

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  1. Pics are great really like the lake field and mountain one can i get that in an 8x10 glossy