Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Channeling my "Inner-Cari"

So there is this beautiful, strong willed, funny, smart, talented girl that I know...  
Her name is Cari Canale. 

Cari is an amazing girl who knows exactly what she wants and has a 
photographic style that I would very much like to emulate.  I have been drawn to over 
exposed, dreamy images, with sun-flare for quite some time now but never had the guts 
or know-how to shoot like that.  Cari, on the other hand, has basically mastered this art!  
So for our latest visual studies assignment I shot Cari, in true Cari fashion.  
Thanks pretty girl for being such a good sport and great model!

Dance Like Nobody's Watching

Holga-ish (images from above)


  1. Absolutely stunning !!! Love them, Love them, Love them !!!! You are sooo rocking this !!!!!
    So proud of you !!!
    Love you Josie,
    Aunt Dawna xoxox

  2. Thanks Aunt Dawna, I love you too - so much!!!