Thursday, July 14, 2011

Midterm Slideshow

Two weeks into SI our instructors dropped a bombshell on us.  Not only do you have 
assignments to work on that need to be turned in to all of your classes but now
you have to come up with a midterm project, due at the beginning of week 8.
Twenty to thirty images that fit into a particular theme, set to music.  Then about a 
week after the announcement they dropped another bombshell on us...'oh by the 
way there was a misprint in your syllabus, the slideshow is due week 7!!  
So we all freaked out, just a little (lot) and then accepted it and moved on.   
Fast Forward to today: Group D was critiqued on their midterm slideshow 
from 2 to 6.  If I told you I was impressed that would be an understatement.  
Everyone's images were amazing.  What unique visions we all have.  

I was completely freaked out going into this critique but it turned out to be 
one of the best experiences since I've been here.  Not only because of the great feedback but because I got to see everyone else's work! I was so nervous to show my images but when my slide show finished and Neil said,"wow that was stunning" I about fell out of my chair and was finally able to breathe a sigh of relief! Now on to the final assignment!

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  1. aunt cathy got tears in her eyes. she, as well as all of us!, are so proud of you!