Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Hint of Home

At the Apartment 

So after a rough week four it was nice not only to have a break but to spend it with my hubby!  Relaxation and quality time was the name of the game this fourth of July weekend.  

In Spokane WA

We started off the visit with a quick stay in Spokane WA.  The photo above is of the Steam Plant Stacks that powered all of Spokane until 1986.  Now it's a restaurant with a cool vibe but not so hot food.

Night Time Assistant

 He was a huge help with my night photography project and has since informed me that he was very happy that I wasn't out shooting this particular assignment alone! 

Arlee, MT Pow Wow 

On day 2 we checked out the Arlee MT Pow Wow, which was very festive, but lacked the traditionalism that I expected.  It had the feel of a state fair or something, vendors, 
crowed arena, chaotic... But we had fun nonetheless!

Flathead Lake

After finding the Pow Wow a bit mundane we decided to check out Flathead Lake which 
really made me want to be out on a boat with my friends and family, possibly on Cheat Lake with the Knuth's or Deep Creek Lake with the Fosters.  Instead, we settled for a few drinks at the lakeside park and people watching, which proved to be equally as entertaining!

Kootenai Creek

On Mark's last day in Missoula we decided to take a picnic style lunch up to Kootenai Creek and hike up the trail head at the dead end of N. Kootenai Creek Road.  We finished our chicken, mashed potatoes, biscuits, and cole slaw and then headed up the trail head to work off our lunch.  It was a moderate hike with breath taking views.  
Definitely well worth the 45 minute drive.

Out With A Bang

No Fourth of July visit would be complete without a grand finale!  Mark and I
finished off his trip with butterflies and fireworks.  Which, in our opinion,
is always the cornerstone to any good relationship!   

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  1. All your pics are awesome really like firework shot and full moon pic also self portraits are good as well still waiting on Montana wildlife shots Dad and Mon